As a Professional Member of both WDAA and NAWD, LongShot Farm is proudly promoting Western Dressage programs for all riders.  At LongShot Farm, we strongly believe in combining Classical Principles with traditional Western Horsemanship to create safe, sound, pleasurable, and versatile horses.  Working with concepts presented in the Classical Training Scale can improve every horse, no matter it's profession or pedigree.

Performance Horses

What is Western Dressage?

to learn about the WDAA/NAWD show June 2-3, 2018 - right here in Western Wisconsin!

LongShot Farm

Western Dressage is more than a competition or discipline.  Western Dressage is a progressive education system that provides a foundation for anything you wish to do with your horse.  Whether you choose to pursue reining, ranch, games or trail, Western Dressage teaches your horse to carry himself properly to enhance physical health and wellness.  The variety of options for participation promote mental health and a positive partnership between horse and rider.

Western Dressage Opportunities